All-important Actors Headshots

While a talented photographer can get you noticed, the relationship you build with your photographer can also make all the difference in the quality of your actors headshots. 

First and foremost, take care of yourself. A hard night of partying will show in your photos. While some imperfections like eye bags and redness can be minimized in your shots - and others may even add to the persona you're trying to create - photo editing can't do miracles. Even if your photo editor manages to zap away your red-eye and the dark circles you cultivated after a night on the town, the results may be less than natural.

Give your photographer something to work with. Move around (but don't overdo it!), take on varied expressions and moods, and try different things that could yield interesting and attractive photos. When it comes time to view your online headshots, you'll be amazed at your own range - and probably overwhelmed with how many viable choices you have available to you. This will give you the flexibility to choose a different headshot for each type of acting job you're trying to land.

Now, having said that, we must also remind you to listen closely to your photographer. Most pros have spent years behind the camera learning all the techniques necessary to get you what you need, whether you're a budding actor, model, musician or comic.

Choosing Online Headshots

Many actors make the mistake of limiting themselves to one or two of their favorite looks when they order their online headshots. But just because you don't find a photo particularly flattering, doesn't mean it won’t find a place in your resume. Remember, casting directors and agents are often looking for someone who's interesting and different - not just another pretty face. There are plenty of stories of less-than-perfect-looking working actors who got chosen over their more attractive peers, in part because their actors headshots positioned them for the character roles that were appropriate for them.

Let get you started with headshots that are perfectly suited to you and your needs.

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