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For actors, headshots are a vital tool of the trade. A headshot is loosely defined as a photograph of a person's head and/or upper body. In the entertainment world, these are pictures you give to talent agencies or casting agents along with a professional resumé when trying out for a role. There are many opinions on what makes a good headshot, but the goal remains the same: for the image to sell the subject, the actor.

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Many photography professionals consider some of the following to be important considerations for actor headshots:

  • The photo should be clear and sharp and should convey age, personality, and more. The features and basic physical characteristics of the subject should be evident, such as eye color, hair color, etc.
  • Throughout the entertainment industry, but particularly for actors, headshots should be cleanly designed, without elaborate, hard-to-read fonts. Colored borders and other simple design elements can be used, but remember-- the focus is the picture image, not the border and font design.
  • The headshot should look like you, not a persona. If you are a free spirited young person, the headshot should appear as such. Keep it natural and let your personality shine through.
  • Keep makeup, jewelry, and other props to a minimum. Your face should be the main focus.

The advice is mixed on black and white versus color. Choose whichever suits your personality and acting type best, or have both available. With the increased use of digital headshot photography, color headshots have become popular. At, there is no extra charge for color prints.

Okay, once you've chosen a photographer and have taken fabulous headshots, what next?

Now is the time to visit If you're an actor, headshots will be handed out at every audition and if you are cast in a role, you'll need multiple copies of your headshots for a variety of reasons, including regular mailings. is a trusted and reliable outlet for the busy entertainment professional to get copies of their headshot reprinted on time and on budget. We also have a variety of other printing service products vital to self-marketing, such as comp cards, business cards, and more.

We print professional headshots in color or black and white from digital files, original negatives, or hard copies. This is your most important marketing tool; don't trust it with just any printer. Choose

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