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Actors postcards say something about your level of professionalism and your commitment to enduring in your craft. A good way to expand your net is to follow a loose marketing plan to either get actual gigs or secure representation.

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Begin by composing a cover letter, creating a resume, getting a great headshot photo taken, and having 8 x 10s and actor postcards printed from one or several shots. The plan should look something like this:

  1. Get enough prints of both the large headshot and actor postcards from Remember that once we have your image, we can get reprints made very quickly so you can continue marketing efforts with little delay once your initial batch runs low.
  2. Send a cover letter and large print to a number of casting agents, talent agencies and other organizations that can facilitate your casting in upcoming roles. See our page on "Actor Resources," which details the contact information of professional organizations, representative agencies, and other resources.
  3. Don't expect a rapid response. Some agencies will contact you with the intention of representing you, but other agencies will not contact you until they have you in mind for a job.
  4. Here is where your marketing prowess must come into play. On a routine basis, maybe once a month, send one of your actors postcards to everyone on your initial list to keep your image fresh in their minds. This is a friendly reminder that you're in this business for the long haul and seeing your image more than once will make a more lasting impression.
  5. Continually look for new opportunities and new people to stay in front of. Also, make sure you always have materials on hand by using the reprinting services of You never know when one of these agencies will contact you, and you will want to be well prepared.

Count on to address all your printing needs, and a lot more.

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