Acting, Modeling Comp Card

It’s easy to get your own comp cards and actor postcards set up just how you like them here. Just visit the Online Ordering Kiosk, download your image, and follow steps one through four. Whether you’re here for 8x10, post card, business card or comp card printing, the kiosk makes it simple. What’s more, results are standardized to your industry.

A division of Modernage of NYC, knows the entertainment industry and has been networking with decision makers for decades. We know what gives you the best chances of getting the contacts you need and produce these visuals accordingly. Paper is heavyweight, runs are short and technology is optimized here. In addition, you get a free proof print of your acting or modeling comp card or other repro so you’ll know you’re happy with the look before you give the green light for production.

Comp Card Printing

Go to “Comp Cards under "Samples & Product Info" and select "Free proof print" to find out everything you need to know about comp card printing at You’ll note right away that we provide a complimentary hard copy of your acting or modeling comp card, something you can hold in your hand. That way, when you receive your order, you’ll be happy with what you get. No surprises, no letdowns. Our years of experience at the photo lab in NYC (Modernage) have taught us that this is an essential step for guaranteed satisfaction and we encourage our customers to take advantage of this preview opportunity.

Variable to Consider

Some variables that may affect the quality of the final comp card could include resolution, image quality, retouching, and original photographer expertise. High resolution is best, as are a sharp image and lighting that flatters. Quality retouching, available here can adjust for some of these variables (though resolution can’t be improved). It’s also smart to make the investment in a good photographer. There’s a reason photography requires years of professional training and talent; take advantage of the skills and experience of someone who is dedicated to making you look your professional best.

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