Composite Cards and More offers the ultimate in convenience and quality for the next rising star. We provide composite cards, photo business cards, headshots and more at competitive prices to help those embarking on their career in the entertainment industry. We offer a user-friendly 24/7 Online Ordering Kiosk so that you can order your prints whenever you have a spare moment. Additionally, our design tools are simple to use and our photo retouching services are affordable.

To further assist you, we offer other industry resources. See our "Actor's Resources" page for more information. We also have monthly offers for even greater savings; call 1-800-997-2510 to hear more. Other discounts are available for bulk orders of headshots or composite cards, and also for some unions and education venues. Browse our site or give us a call for more information.

If you are a professional photographer, we offer a free listing of your services, which includes an animated portfolio of up to 20 images, a still portfolio, and a link to your personal site. We also offer discounted rates for video production. See our page on "Photographer's Inquiries" for more information.

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Photo Business Cards, New York

We're the lab you can count on to print high quality photo business cards. New York residents and clients in California or across the nation will also find that we can help you find the right headshot photographer, if needed. Check out our "Find a Photographer" page, which has the names of several photographers with links to their sites and samples of their work.

A photo business card is just one more way to solidify your self-branding efforts. Business people put company logos on their cards, and your image is your company, so use it! Place an order and always have several handy-sometimes all it takes is to be in the right place at the right time with a great-looking business card, so make sure you're prepared.

After you complete your photo shoot and select a headshot, it may be time to print some photo business cards. New York is the home town of and Modernage Professional Photography Services. We work with clients all over the country to help them get their materials, so whether you're in the New York area, the Midwest or the West Coast, we can offer the additional resource of helping you find a photographer by giving you access to the online portfolios of our affiliated photographers. Don't waste the opportunity to get started today.

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