Frequently Asked Questions

Test Print Policy

Since it is not possible for an exact match to onscreen images or prints from other sources or previous runs, we provide you with one test print for each image. This allows you to see an actual, printed sample of your order before running the final quantity. It lets you check the layout, exposure, retouching and spelling on your Headshot or Cards. Additional test prints or cancelled orders are billed at $25.00 per test print. If you elect to waive the test print and run the full order without seeing a test print first, orders must be paid in full at the time of ordering and will be processed at your own risk. Refunds are not available on EXPRESS SERVICE or RUSH SERVICE orders or on orders where the tests are waived; also, changes to your set-up may be billable, so check your order information and/or online pre-view carefully before submitting your order.

What are Classic Digital Headshots?

Our 8x10 Classic Digital Headshots are the ultimate in resumé photo reproduction. They are printed in Color or Black & White from digital files or scans on real, photographic paper. They are photographs, not ink-printed lithographs on paper stock. We test carefully to insure best reproduction in terms of exposure, skin tone, and detail. Our rigid controls keep that first print quality in every print.

What print quality can I expect from my files?

The size and resolution of your files will determine the overall quality of your final prints. Small files will result in low quality prints. Higher resolution files will yield better quality prints. Ideally, files for 8x10 prints should open to at least 300 dpi at 10” on the long dimension. If you have a smaller file, crop the image as little as possible. Remember, simply increasing the pixel size by upsizing the file will not give the best results. Make sure the image that you are sending is sharp, and not overly light or dark. We will use our judgment in each case to give you the best overall skin tone and exposure. You will get a chance to see an actual Test Print before running the full quantity. Some files may require more intensive corrections after the first test. This costs an additional $25.00 and includes another Test Print with the corrections.

What does Flush mean?

Flush means a print without a border - the image goes right to the edge of the print. Classic Digital Headshots are available either with a border or flush to the edges.

Are borders in or out of fashion? What about Black borders?

Headshots have come a long way from the same old, cookie cutter look of years ago. Casting agents are seeing Headshots that come in all kinds of formats: horizontal, vertical, with borders, flush with no borders, rough or straight black edges, tight headshots, cropped heads, ¾ body shots, environmental portraits, matte, glossy — the list is endless. The point of a successful headshot is to present your most important asset – you – in as professional a marketing tool as possible. We help you with cutting edge designs and over 65 years experience to make your Headshots and Cards stand out from the crowd.

Can I have my name on the photo?

Yes! Adding your name is FREE on new orders! You can select from various type styles. Your name can either go in the border below the image, or appear inside the image.

I don't have a digital file. I only have a print, negatives or slides. How do I order Digital Classic Headshots?

The first step is to bring (or send) your original to us. We’ll produce a High-Res scan for optimal photo reproduction. The image might have to be cropped or laid out for the best composition (the online Ordering Kiosk or our customer service staff will help you). Keep in mind that the full frame of a 35mm negative is not in the same proportion as 8x10, and must be cropped to fill the 8x10 format if you want a Flush print. If not, there are various border formats that can be chosen. Call customer service at 212-997-1800 for more information.

My photographer gave me a disc with a digital file. Can you make prints from this?

Yes, we can produce prints in either Color or B&W from Digital (computer) files. We can produce our fabulous 8x10 Classic Digital Headshots directly from CD, zip discs or emailed files. Digital files can also be used for our economical Business Cards, Comp Cards or Post Cards.

Does take pictures? I need a photographer!

Although we don’t take pictures, we can help you find a photographer. Visit
Find A Photographer
to view photographer’s portfolios, link to their websites and sometimes see a short intro video. You can contact them directly for more information or to schedule a shoot or an appointment to see their work in person.

Help! I need a little retouching...

No problem! Our artists and technicians are skilled in touching up images so that they look natural. Costs vary according to how much you want done and start at only $35. Actual prices are quoted upon receipt of images and instructions. Our professional retouching may add a bit more time to your order, but it will be well worth it!

Are color prints in quantity expensive?

Color adds impact - particularly when you are representing yourself. We offer Headshot clients special package prices for Color prints that start at only $27 for 10 Color 8x10 prints. These are available in either Glossy or Matte, Flush or with Borders, on real photographic paper.

My image is Color, but my agent wants B&W!

Not a problem! We can convert digital files to B&W easily. Color slides or color negatives can also be scanned and converted to B&W.

I need these in a hurry! Why do I have to take the time to see a test print?

Because it is not possible for an exact match to onscreen images or prints from other sources, we provide you with a free test print for each image prior to running quantity. This allows you to see an actual, printed sample of your order before running the final quantity (runs of 50 or more). It allows you to check the layout, exposure and spelling for any type for your Headshot or Cards. We can usually have test prints ready to go within two business days, with the final prints ready two days after approval. Retouching can be ordered upon receipt of the initial order or after seeing the test print. Please allow a minimum of one additional day for retouching.

Need even faster service?

Use our new EXPRESS SERVICE – your Headshots or re-orders will be ready for pick up or shipping within two business days with NO RUSH FEE (online orders only). You agree to waive the test print, so check your order information and online preview carefully before purchasing. Sorry, no refunds on EXPRESS SERVICE or RUSH SERVICE or re-orders where you choose not to see a test print.

I don’t live in The Big Apple…or I’m too busy auditioning to come in. How can I order Headshots or Cards?

We accept new orders online through our 24/7 secure Ordering Kiosk, via Email, in person, or through the mail (Postal). Re-orders of existing Modernage or images can be ordered online through our Re-orders page or on the phone. You need information from the back of one of your prints from the last run, so have one handy when ordering. Test prints can be mailed to you if it is not possible for you to come in to our Actor Resource Center to view the tests in person. This way, you can still see an actual sample of your final order (no additional cost for 1st Class Mail, folded to fit a #10 envelope). The final quantity can be shipped to you via UPS Ground at very low rates. Faster services are available at additional cost.

Can I have the finished file or do you keep it?

We make re-ordering easy by filing all completed 8x10 Headshot, Postcard, Compcard and Business Card orders at no additional charge to you. You can re-order from us online at your own convenience. We can also burn a CD with a lo-res version of your finished product. It’s not intended for printing purposes, but the file is great for posting on websites or emailing. Cost is only $5.00 per image at the time of printing.

But I also need my headshot file so I can e-mail it!

No problem. In fact, having your Headshot available for emailing or posting to the web is an excellent idea. We offer a lo-res jpeg suitable for emailing or web use for only $5.00 per image at the time of printing. This jpeg is not suitable for re-prints. Multiple jpegs from an order can be burned to a CD and returned with your finished print order.

How do I re-order?

We file a sample print and the finished file for your 8x10 Classic Digital Headshots. This is a free service that safeguards your image and allows you to re-order online, by email, phone or mail. Just save one photograph of each of your 8x10 headshots and give us the information printed on the back of the photo. It’s fast and easy! Post Card, Comp Card and Business Card orders must be ordered from the re-order CD you purchased when you placed your initial order. We’ll show you a test print with each order of 50 prints or more before running the full quantity. Click here to reorder

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