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Headshot photos are more than simply high quality professional pictures of yourself. These photos are the foundation of self-marketing for individuals seeking employment and career advancement in modeling, acting, and other endeavors in the entertainment industry. These materials are the first glance that prospective employers, talent agents, and casting directors will have of you. They must reveal not only your physical appearance and basic features, but should also communicate some personality and offer the viewer some insight as to how you want to be cast.

At, we understand the marketing end of this industry and the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity, capitalizing on every chance you have to get your headshot photos in front of potential decision makers. This is why we offer fast, friendly and flexible printing for all of your materials. Once your photos have been taken, count on us to make sure you have high quality headshot photos, composite cards, postcards, and other materials readily available and beautifully reproduced. We offer great savings on professional retouching for actor headshots, compcards and photo business cards, as well.

Read on to learn more about choosing among headshot photographers in NYC.

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Headshot Photographers: NYC

We want to be more than just your first choice for printing headshots. We want to be a true resource for those navigating their way through this complex industry. We have several listings of referrals for various services that you'll need to get started and to grow in your career path, such as agencies, trade organizations, educational venues, show business industry news, plastic surgeons, and headshot photographers. NYC has many photographers, but using some from our list can help you narrow your choices and select the right one for you. Additionally, many of our affiliated photographers will provide online headshots proofing, meaning you'll be able to view your photo session via our site. You can choose the picture for your headshots, design your comp cards, and have them all printed - all online at your convenience. Getting ready for your next audition has never been easier!

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