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Take a look at our FAQs to find out what to know when you order headshot photos from one of the nation's top photographic labs:

  • Classic digital headshots are actual photographs, as opposed to lithographs on paper. Ours are designed for optimal reproduction.
  • We do lots of retouching for customers, but we need to see the images first. Once we have your headshots, Los Angeles CA based photo artists and technicians here will consult with you and then make the necessary modifications and the result will be an improved, yet natural-looking image.
  • Color headshots are a great marketing tool as well, since they give the viewer more information and have a stronger visual impact, great for detailing what's great about you. Of course, if your agent asks for a black and white version, we can convert your color photos, no problem.
  • When it's time to pick the format for your headshots and cards, let us help you determine the best approach. The right combination of emphasis on your strong suits and a photo format that shows them off best is ideal. We have many years of experience in the business and will be happy to help you.

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It's easy to order, access, and use your, headshots. Los Angeles CA to The Big Apple, technology makes it a snap. Browse the following details or contact us if you need help.

We encourage our customers to review our Test Print Policy. It's clear and lets you know that before your prints are run, you get to review an actual photo and give us the green light. Read the details on fees and more. Let us know if you have questions.

Quality is the litmus test of good marketing material, and that's what your headshot photos are, so it makes sense that you would be concerned about print quality. It all comes down to size and resolution. See the FAQs page for details about this and remember the higher resolution, the better.

Check out the Ordering Kiosk. Wherever you are you can follow the simple 1-2-3-4 instructions when you select this option. You'll select the product, then the images, settle them into the layout and crop or reposition them if necessary, and finally choose the formatting you want. A toll free number lets you contact us if you need help with the Kiosk.

You may need your headshots super quick. While our process takes a typical allotted amount of time, we can speed up the process when necessary. Read more about our Express Service on the FAQ page.

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