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For an aspiring model or actor, having composite cards, or comp cards as they are more commonly called, is an essential marketing tool for initiating and advancing a career. In modeling, comp card submissions are often the first step in landing gigs or go-sees. This allows booking agents to select models who meet the physical requirements for each job.

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Not Just Comp Card Printing is a comp card printing company that you can count on for fast turnarounds and superior quality. But aside from just giving you a great service for this vital marketing tool, we want to create a community for those in the entertainment and modeling industry. We support industry novices and want to provide information and referrals that will help you achieve your dreams.

On our site we offer:

  • Designing tools to create your headshot or card
  • Professional Retouching services for your images
  • Quick comp card printing turnaround times
  • Professional photographer referrals
  • Career advice and industry news and information
  • Links for auditions, casting calls, and more
  • Directory of related service providers

With all the bright lights in the big city, it can get a little overwhelming breaking into the entertainment industry. Everyone, from drama students or new models to seasoned professional actors, can use a little help. While maintains the highest level of professionalism, backed by decades of experience, we are also friendly, easy to work with, and are very interested in being a part of your success!

Order Composite Cards and More

Once we have your headshots and any other photos you need to create your portfolio and marketing materials, your headshot image is kept on file for easy re-orders. You can use the filed image to print modeling comp cards or 8x10 headshot photos for actors. Whether you just need headshots, business cards or composite cards with basic information or a variety of materials for talent agents, we promise that our prices are competitive and you can expect further savings as your career expands and you need these items in larger quantities. Browse our site for details on how easy it is to place on-line orders for prints, comp cards and other materials. Start today!

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