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The major hubs of activity for those seeking careers in the entertainment industry include major cities, such as LA or New York. Headshots from a professional photographer stand as the tool of choice for talent agencies casting directors, and other leaders in the industry. How do you forge ahead? Where do you begin? How do you get NY headshots? is here to help.

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If you live in New York, headshots are just a few simple steps away.

  1. Choose a photographer. has the contact information for several New York photographers available here. Many of them have their portfolios available to browse through so you can get an estimation of the work they do. Also, some of the photographers we recommend will upload your entire session to our site for easy ordering of marketing materials.
  2. Once you've had your NY headshots taken and either viewed them online or emailed the digital print to us, you can begin to design how you want your headshot to look. Choose color or black and white, determine where your name will appear, whether you want a border, and more. Maybe you need some retouching. Make it your own.
  3. We mail you a test print for your approval. Make sure there are no spelling errors on your name and that the picture is a true representation of you.
  4. Finalize the order and have your reprints ready in several days, or faster with rush delivery.
  5. Reprints are available with simply a few clicks. Keep a stock on hand for those last minute auditions or for extra copies as requested.

We are more than a professional printer; we are an asset to those seeking careers in modeling, acting, singing, and other entertainment fields.

We are also a resource. See our "Actor Resources" page for our recommendations for cosmetic surgeons, networking groups, drama schools, acting classes, casting venues, accountants, and other professional affiliations. Whether you live in New York City or elsewhere, we are here to help. Bookmark our site for printing assistance and other resources and check back often.

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