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Photographer's Inquiries

HeadshotRepros.com offers the professional Headshot Photographer an easy and cost-effective way to increased exposure and business growth, all from the comfort of the photo studio.

Join HeadshotRepros.com’s Photographer’s Affiliate Program and you can look forward to the following benefits ─ quickly and easily:

Increase exposure to thousands of new clients via our Find a Photographer web page.

Modernage Photo Services is already one of the premier photo and digital labs in the country. Our goal is to make HeadshotRepros.com the most utilized Headshot Lab on the World Wide Web. HeadshotRepros.com will be actively marketed to many venues that the modern actor, entertainer or model has contact with. This includes Colleges, Drama and Voice Coaches, Film & TV Schools, Unions and Professional Acting Organizations, along with special venues such as Acting Trade Shows and Thespian Workshops

Photographers who are accepted into the program
receive a FREE listing, including:

  • Animated Portfolio of 10-18 images with music
  • Still Portfolio “slide show” (both portfolios show name, address, phone and web info)
  • Link to Photographer’s business website

Special Offer on Custom On-line Video Commercial

“Visit with the Photographer” is a mini-commercial that will be made available to Photographer Program members. Grab the chance to get your message across to all the actors, actresses, models and entertainers who use the
Find a Photographer feature on our web site. A nominal one-time charge includes consultation with the videographer, on-site videography, editing and hosting the video on HeadshotRepros.com for as long as the photographer remains in the Photographer’s Affiliate Program. Click here to see a sample video.

Added value for your client; Quality Assurance for you
Once accepted, Photographers will be allowed to upload entire high-res photo shoots to HeadshotRepros.com. You’ll give your client a username and password so they can securely access their entire shoot (or the images you’ve agreed to upload) on HeadshotRepros.com. Your clients can order 8x10 Headshots, Comp Cards, Post Cards and other marketing essentials directly with our user-friendly 24/7 Online Ordering Kiosk. Try it yourself and see how easy it is to order professional marketing prints and photographs.

Don’t have time to retouch? Professional retouching is available at affordable rates. Photographers enjoy the confidence of knowing that each image will receive superb care and a professional touch from a company with over 60 years of producing both Headshots and Fine Art photographic products. Your headshots will look as good as you intended them to ─ at reasonable prices that your clients will appreciate.

Special Advertising Rates from Show Business Weekly Newspaper. Headshot Repros.com Photographer’s Program members are eligible for special discount rates on print and online advertising with Show Business Weekly.






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